Pioneer JA-R101 Rack Tray for JA-RS2/JA-R1A SPEC Racks

by Andy on April 5, 2010

Here are the best deals we found for this Pioneer JA-R101 Rack Tray for JA-RS2/JA-R1A SPEC Racks.

Current Price: $305.00

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Pioneer JA-R101 Rack Tray for JA-RS2/JA-R1A SPEC Racks Picture(s) and Description:


Attention Vintage Pioneer SPEC Equipment Fans! Over the next several months I will be selling off a very large portion of my Vintage Pioneer SPEC equipment collection. If you are a seasoned Vintage Pioneer SPEC equipment collector, a new Pioneer SPEC equipment collector, or someone looking to complete a Pioneer SPEC system, you are going to want to add me as a “Favorite Seller” for the next year or so. I have been collecting Vintage Pioneer SPEC equipment and Vintage Pioneer Stereo equipment in general, since the late 1990s. I have amassed quite a huge collection in that time. I have some very rare pieces, like the SF-850 3-Way Crossovers and the ultra-rare RC-760 Remote Control Center Units, but mostly, my collection consists of the Vintage Pioneer SPEC equipment that went into the Pioneer JA-R2S & JA-R1A Racking Systems. The SPEC Racks, JA-R101 SPEC Rack Trays, JA-R102 SPEC Rack Handles, SPEC Screws, SPEC Rack Spacers, and lots of other SPEC Rack items, will all be coming up for auction eventually as well. Why am I selling most of my Vintage Pioneer SPEC Collection? I need to tell you, that this has been a very hard decision for me, but something that really needs to be done. I’m getting a little up there in age now and quite frankly, some of this equipment is getting a tad on the heavy side for me. Secondly, my wife, kids, and other relatives have absolutely no idea what this beautiful Pioneer SPEC equipment is worth, and if anything were to happen to me, I’m afraid this equipment wouldn’t be properly distributed, or sold at a fair market value. And finally, it’s time to let someone else enjoy this Pioneer SPEC equipment, hopefully as much as I have over the years. Why buy from me? This is an easy question for me to answer, because I love the Pioneer equipment probably more than just about anyone else alive. Period. I am a collector of this fine, overbuilt, Pioneer SPEC equipment and over the years, have treated it with the care & maintenance it truly deserves. Over 90% of the Pioneer SPEC equipment I own, I bought from the original owners who also took meticulous care of this equipment. Fact. My eBay feedback speaks for itself and my over-packing of items I sell, is second to none. One more thing, if my eBay name looks somewhat familiar to anyone, it’s because I am the same Retro Stereo that has been the Pioneer Forum Moderator for the past 6+ years at this wonderful website: Just a couple of final notes before we get to the actual ad. Please do not ask if I have a certain piece of Vintage Pioneer SPEC equipment that I would be willing to sell outside of eBay. Also, please do not ask me to end an auction early, because I just won’t do it. Everybody deserves to have a chance at this wonderful SPEC equipment, and I’m going to make sure everyone has that chance. All the SPEC equipment that I have chosen to sell on eBay, will show up on eBay eventually, please be patient and just add me as a “Favorite Seller” until it’s gone. Lastly, and I can’t stress this enough, all my auctions for this Vintage Pioneer SPEC equipment, will be for U.S.A. Auctions only, so please don’t ask me if I’ll ship anywhere else. Thanks! Finally, the Actual Auction Description! Up for auction today I have my "Number 1" very nice Pioneer JA-R101 SPEC Rack Tray which is used with the Pioneer JA-R2S & JA-R1A Component SPEC Racks. Also included, and I don't see a lot of these included in a lot other auctions for the JA-R101 SPEC Rack Trays, are the original "J" Brackets and Screws. These "J" Brackets help hold the component being placed on the JA-R101 Rack Trays stable and pushed up close to the JA-R101 Rack Tray face bezel. Make sure to check my other auctions for more Silver-Faced Vintage Pioneer SPEC related equipment. Cosmetics, as you can see by the “ACTUAL” pictures, this particular Pioneer JA-R101 Rack Tray is in great condition. I haven’t seen too many on eBay, or anywhere else for that matter, in this good of condition. Just take a look at, and enlarge the “ACTUAL” pictures and see for yourself. The first "5" pictures are all of the "ACTUAL" JA-R101 Rack Tray up for bid in this auction. I will let these actual pictures speak for the cosmetics of this Pioneer JA-R101 SPEC Rack Tray. I just want to make sure you end up with what you bid on and have no disappointments. "ONLY" the last picture (#6) is for shipping purposes and may not be of the JA-R101 Rack Tray for sale in this auction (see below). Shipping will be done by UPS Ground exclusively. The last picture (#6) shows how the Pioneer JA-R101 Rack Trays will be disassembled for shipment. Everything I sell will be packed as if I were shipping it to myself. I have NEVER had a complaint, or anything damaged from my bomb-proof packaging. Check out my feedback and see some of the packaging comments I have received over the years. The total for shipping this Pioneer JA-R101 SPEC Rack Tray anywhere in the continental U.S. is $25. Once again, this is a U.S.A. only auction and I will NOT ship anywhere else. Sorry, but that’s just the way it is, so don’t ask me to ship anywhere else. Remember to add me as one of your Favorite Sellers, because I have a ton more SPEC equipment coming up for auction over the next several months. Good luck bidding. GOD BLESS OUR TROOPS & AND GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!

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