Marantz 7T Pre-Amplifier

by Andy on February 10, 2011

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Marantz 7T Pre-Amplifier Picture(s) and Description:


The successor to the famous Model 7 tube preamp, the 7T was the first solid-state offering from Marantz. It was voiced to sound similar to the vacuum tubed Model 7 (also known as the 7c). I bought this three years ago from a stereo dealer in Oregon who had purchased it directly from the original owner. It was thoroughly bench tested it before shipping. Condition is very good with a few light light scratches on the faceplate mostly near the power switch and a very small dent on the lower left had side of the front plate. All lettering is perfect. I have thoroughly examined the innards and electrolytics, mylar coupling caps, and all resistors appear to be completely original. It has seen only limited use in my secondary system since purchase. There are paint marks on the top and bottom of the case from the previous owner who had it in a wooden cabinet. A little black spray paint should easily correct that minor flaw. Operation is dead quiet, warm yet detailed with a nice sound stage. I haven't tested the Tape Functions or the headphone jack, but all other functions operate normally. Auction also includes the original owners manual ( the cover has separated from the manual) the original factory test certificate and the original factory supplied schematic. Serial number is 7-16944 which would make this a latter production model, the schematic Model 7T having gone through two prior modifications/upgrades.

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