Langevin 117-A Tube Monitor Amplifier Western Electric

by Andy on October 19, 2010

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Langevin 117-A Tube Monitor Amplifier Western Electric Picture(s) and Description:


This auction is for a single used Langevin 117-A vacuum tube amplifier. The Langevin 117-A is an extremely high quality 2 stage push-pull program or monitor amplifier designed for professional use. I have included data and specifications from the original instructions below. This is a rare find in this kind of condition - but I only have one. This unit is serial number 588. As you can see, the input transformer is a Langevin 408-A (which is remarkably similar to the famous WE 618) and the output transformer is a Langevin 311-C. This Langevin iron is of the absolute highest quality – many consider it the equal of the vintage Western Electric iron, others say it is the same! It has been mentioned that the 117-A is very similar to the Western Electric 133 amplifier, though without a 133 schematic I cannot confirm this. I can state without question, however, that the 117-A was licensed by the Western Electric Company. As is evident from the photos, this unit is in excellent condition both electrically and cosmetically. There is a scratch in the paint along one side of the top of the output transformer. Except for that minor flaw, the rest of the paint is near perfect as well as the lettering. The passive components show absolutely no signs of damage or abuse whatsoever. I checked all the transformer windings and found them to be just fine. All the tubes tested excellent. I have not powered up the amplifier, but I have no reason to believe there should be any major problems of any kind. (The most you might have to do would be to replace the 2 quad caps if for some reason they didn’t “re-form” well.) Bear in mind that the 117-A will require an external power supply of 300 VDC @ 70 ma. and 6.3 VAC @ 1.5 amps. THIS IS NOT SUPPLIED, but is relatively easy to find. (Any of the Gen-Rad 1201 series of regulated power supplys would be an outstanding choice and frequently show up on eBay.) The female cannon plug is not included either, as I do not have one. The auction winner will receive, however, an original copy of the 4 page instructions including the schematic. Because this amplifier is so compact, I can safely ship it in the USPS medium Priority Flat Rate Box. This means that 2 day shipping should cost about $11 to most any US address. And overseas air shipping should cost about $44 plus insurance. SHIPPING INFORMATION: *Buyer pays actual shipping costs – simple as that! I charge the buyer only what it costs me to ship the sale item(s). Unless otherwise stated, I never charge for any packing materials because any reasonably resourceful person can obtain these for nothing! Nor do I charge for any packing labor or handling or any other “trumped up” charge associated with shipping. And not only is my packing free – it’s some of the best packing you will ever see! (Judge for yourself when you receive the package.) I’ve packed and shipped this same sort of stuff for years and I know all the tricks to make sure you receive the merchandise unharmed. Shipping is simply a non-profit requirement to complete the sale. *I appreciate fast payment, but PLEASE WAIT FOR MY INVOICE BEFORE SENDING PAYMENT. I promise to send you that invoice within 24 hours of the “win” date! YOU WILL GET THE MOST ACCURATE SHIPPING COST IF YOU WAIT FOR MY INVOICE! eBay insists that a shipping cost is included in the ad before the destination is known (their calculator is supposed to get it right - but often fails). Sometimes their “guesstimate” is too high. By waiting for my invoice you will get the correct shipping charges. *All items are shipped by USPS (AKA “the Post Office”) exclusively unless other arrangements are made through me. In almost all cases – and usually by a wide margin – they offer the lowest prices for the same (or much shorter) delivery times than any of the other carrier options. Plenty of past experience has taught me that, contrary to popular belief, their handling of packages is at least as good as the other options – often much better! And unlike the others – they will even pay damage claims from time to time. If you absolutely must have a different shipping carrier – contact me, for that will likely entail additional charges and conditions. *USPS has many options for shipping. In order to keep your shipping costs as low as possible, ESPECIALLY FOR OVERSEAS BUYERS, I will always look over ALL of the options and then pick what I consider to be the most appropriate choice for the item(s) being shipped. My order of priority is safety (first), cost (second), and speed (last). Sometimes the invoice will have a couple of shipping options so that you can make your own choice. If you want a specific USPS shipping option which I have not offered on the invoice, contact me by e-mail and I will try to accommodate your needs. *I will always e-mail you to let you know the date the item(s) were shipped out. Please consider this when you leave FEEDBACK concerning communication. *I CANNOT CONTROL SHIPPING TIMES – I CAN ONLY CONTROL HOW FAST I GET THE ITEMS SHIPPED!! When you go to leave FEEDBACK, I simply ask you to please compare the date I received (PayPal) payment confirmation against the shipping date printed on the package. In almost every case it will be the next business day – you can’t expect me to get a whole lot faster than that! Bear in mind that eBay sales are not my livelihood, I work a full time day job. And remember, USPS is only open daytime Monday through Friday and a couple of hours on Saturday morning – never on holidays (and other carrier options have even fewer operating hours/days). *PAYMENT FORMS ACCEPTED: *PayPal *Payment upon local pickup in western Massachusetts USA *Due to foolish changes in eBay policy for the categories which I most often list under – I can NO LONGER ACCEPT PAYMENT BY PERSONEL CHEK OR MONY ORDER OF ANY TYPE!! Selling on eBay is not a full time business for me – it’s simply a tool I use in an attempt to manage a lifelong hobby which has somehow grown out of control. So it would be absurd for me to set up an internet merchant account to directly accept credit and debit cards – therefore Pro-Pay (another eBay option) is out. Come on guys – I ain’t Wal-Mart! And, of course, the payment upon pickup option is essentially useless for 99% of buyers who live all over the globe. (Besides, most people who are close enough for local pickup don’t buy from me anyway – they simply borrow what they need and never bring it back!) So unless eBay changes it’s policy, PayPal is pretty much the only acceptable form of payment for my offerings – take it or leave it.

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